Faustian Rants

In Support of WikiLeaks

Posted in Uncategorized by Jim on December 9, 2010

Unlike many technologies,  I get the Faustian bargain in WikiLeaks and  this latest blog entry is in full support of freedom of information.  I don’t understand the out cry against WikiLeaks at all, and frankly the current administration (most notably Hillary Clinton) has lost a ton of goodie points with me over the spectacle they’ve tried to make of it.  SHAME ON YOU Hillary!!

For years now my government has been telling me not to worry about the Patriot Act and any increase in surveillance they might be doing.  “If I have done nothing wrong, I have nothing to worry about.”, they say.  Well ditto back at you Uncle Sam.

When is the last time it was a good idea for governments (or anybody else for that matter) to hide what they are ashamed or embarrassed of?  Normally exposing what’s embarrassing you is a big step in getting you to stop doing it.

BTW, I have a slight whiff of fear running through me about posting this, and that is a shame.  That slight fear in me means we still have a ways to go in defending our freedoms.


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